Sunday, April 21, 2013

STEP TWO: How to Propose A Play To Your Stake Presidency

You've chosen a script that you would like to direct. get the Stake Presidency's approval. 

If your Stake Presidency has asked you to direct something...then all you need to do is submit a one-page document like the one at the bottom of this post. I'll discuss it more later.

But what if your Stake Presidency hasn't asked you to direct anything, but you would like to direct a play for your stake? Here's what you do: After choosing the play you'd like to propose, find out who the Cultural Arts Chair person is in your stake. Also find out who the High Councilman is who is assigned to Cultural Arts. Send them an email (or call them) and tell them that you would love to direct a stake play and that you have a script you'd like to propose. Tell them that if they'd consider having you direct a play, you will send them a one-page document with your proposal, as well as a copy of the script for them to read. 

I wrote the Stake Play Proposal below in 2007 for my stake in Texas. You can do it any way you'd like, but I strongly recommend including the following:
-Make it 1 page. Do not make it any longer than 1 page. As you know, Stake Presidencies are busy and they don't have time to read through a lot of details. 
-Write the name of the play you are proposing and a very brief description of it.
-Give basic information about auditions, rehearsals and performances.
-Describe what the stake production is intended to other words, what is the purpose of it? What will it do for your stake?
-Discuss what help will you need from stake members.
-Give an estimated budget for the production. I recommend rounding up, just in case. Consider lighting and sound costs, set costs, costumes, props, etc. (I will discuss more about how to determine costs in another post.)
-Proofread it. 
-Leave your contact information on the proposal. 

Austin Texas Stake Cultural Arts  •  September 2007
Proposal for Stake Theatre & Music Production: 
Joseph Smith – Lover of the Cause of Christ
I propose holding a production based on the life and influence of the prophet Joseph Smith. The script is based on historical accounts written by those who associated with the prophet and also from people who gained a testimony after his death. 
Auditions, Rehearsals & Performances
All Stake members are invited to audition and contribute. Auditions will be advertised throughout the stake and held on Wednesday, October 17, 2007. Rehearsals will begin immediately after the piece is cast and be held on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings /or afternoons. Performance venue of choice is the Rutherford Stake Center gym & stage. Sound & technical equipment will be used from the stake or rented. 
Performances will be held Thursday, Friday & Saturday:
1st Choice of dates:   January 17-19, 2008 (Thurs – Sat)
2nd Choice of dates:  January 24-26, 2008 (Thurs – Sat)
This Stake Production is intended to:
Focus on the 3-fold mission of the church: 
1.) Proclaim the Gospel: Members will be invited to bring friends who are not of our faith. Missionaries can bring investigators. We could also coordinate with ward missionary units.
2.) Perfect the Saints: Bring our stake closer to Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father through studying the lives and teachings of the prophet of the Restoration. Theatre can offer another place where the Spirit can be felt, testimonies can grow and seeds can be planted. 
3.) Redeem the Dead: This production will help the audience to appreciate the temple and all of the sacrifices made by the early Saints in an effort to have a temple.
·Provide an opportunity for writers, musicians, actors, artists, directors, technical crew members, etc. to have a worthy, clean, creative outlet for their talents.
·Unite our stake.
·Help younger audience members & others learn to recognize the Spirit.
Support needed for the production:
Director: Angie Staheli, Cedar Park ward (already called as Stake Drama Specialist)
Additional collaborators, by way of Stake assignment could include:
Technical Director- Procures needed sound & lighting equipment, sets-up and runs equipment during tech rehearsals and performances; instructs and oversees tech crew and set building. Enlists help as needed.
Assistant Director- Assists Director during rehearsals (notes, writes blocking, etc.)
Costumer- Designs appropriate costumes as designated by Director. Enlists help as needed.
Set Designer- Designs set as designated by Director; procures materials and reconstructs as needed
Stage Manager- “Calls the show” through all performances, assists in rehearsals, coordinates stage crew
We will ask for additional volunteers from the stake once these roles are filled.
The following assistance & support is needed from each Ward or Branch:
·Recommend additional names of members who could fulfill the above assignments
·Announce this Cultural Arts opportunity—ensure all members hear the message and have the opportunity to participate as they desire
·Announce and attend the Stake Production; invite friends and neighbors 
Anticipated budget for production: $1,000 (set, props, costumes, misc. tech equipment rental as needed)

Email your proposal document to your stake's Cultural Arts Chairperson and the High Councilman over Cultural Arts. They will likely send it to your Stake Presidency if they think it is a worthwhile pursuit. After you've sent it, wait for their response. If they don't respond, call them after a few weeks and ask if they received your email. 

Once you receive the A-okay, you will need to agree upon audition and performance dates. Then you've got a LOT of work ahead of you. 

Good Luck!